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animal crackers snagged from mslesa
Written by our lovely house leader ROOTISH but surely enever to be posted unless I did something drastic like cut and paste from my email and hit a button:

this link might be helpful - complete quest list... supposedly.

things to note:

Cryptic quest 1 (level 10)
Answers to the Physician's questions go 3,2,1
Puzzle of Wisdom : There are Four Statues in the West of VS. Dragon, Ghost, Antidote and Apricot. Go to one and insert a book into it. If no sound is made when this happens then retrieve and go to the next until one does make a sound. Repeat this process till all statues have dinged. Then visit the Tombstone
After you complete, you should now have 3 twines and a Millennium scroll that you can take to a Blacksmith to compose into a Box of Love.

Cryptic quest 2 (level 26)
Puzzle of Sky: same principle as the Wisdom one, but instead of Statues its Trees - The named ones in Highlands that are not Devine

Cryptic quest 3
This no longer exists apparantly

Legend quest
The Meeting with General Yong can be taken once you get to level 43

Thus concludes the lesson for today children. Tomorrow we shall tackle the Blacksmith.... the swine.... no Cookies for Jinsu!!!!
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