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paris has crabs
Hacking on Hero Online has been a serious issue since I have started playing.Probably was before then and probably will be when mysterycadence is nothing but a distant memory in the minds of those who knew her. I know I know...people are crappy and thats exactly why you HAVE to look out for yourself! I'm going to list a few ways you might prevent this and give out some helpful links on how to make sure this doesn't happen(or at least if it does you can say you tried). Sometimes things just happen but these are a few ways that maybe you can do to lessen the odds.

First off NEVER give your account info to ANYONE!!!
I dont care if its your best friend from grade school, your ex lover whom you've been close with since the break up and would never suspect , or your third cousin twice removed youve known your whole life. Remember when I said people are crappy? Well, this sometimes applies to people you know personally....its unfortunate but its the truth. If someone has access to your account info and you report a theft to the GM's and they find this out...basically they wont give a rat's....proof here yo ----> http://hero.netgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49291&sid=6e038546935bd7eece669b56ceb000ef

They will automatically assume that the person with whom you were sharing your account stole your items and will take no responsibilty and/or waste their time trying to get your stuff back.I'm not saying it's right that the a holes stole your things, I'm just saying they won't care.I'm assuming theyre going to check the IP's right off.

Another major issue is having your forum posting name the same as your account log in. I know it doesnt sound like that might matter, but these dirtballs are pulling your log in information from somewhere and my guess would be from the only place that has all your info together in one nice little package....that's right the forums! You can change your posting name to be different from that of your log in here, you can also edit your email availability so they cant send fishing sites to your inbox---> http://legendofares.netgame.com/forum/login.php?redirect=profile.php&mode=editprofile

Which brings me to my next point NEVER VISIT UNAPPROVED THIRD PARTY SITES!!!! They promise pleveling, they promise gold, items, etc in exchange for real money.....but I can promise they're probably just a bunch of a hole keyloggers with a penchant for gaining access to people's hard drives for shits and giggles. Pay attention to where you're going on the web and KNOW what you're getting yourself into.

this is a comprehensive guide on the forums for keeping yourself safe---->http://hero.netgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49925

Sometimes you'll get hacked through no fault of your own and I'm certainly not making light of the fact that this does happen! Just trying to get some info out there that may save a few people's lives in the future!

If you have been hacked my only advice to you would be 1:1 the crap out of the GM's, send pigeons to any GM's you think might actually respond (i do know geno and zero are pretty nice fellows)....and pray. I do hope that Purple and Psychotic recieve their items back because thats justa bunch of bollocks! I pity the fool that did it to them and I hope they get caught and sent to a life term in SingSing and that their cellmate is named Bubba and likes the looks of them.

That is all.

More later ~me~
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