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January 4th, 2007

Written by our lovely house leader ROOTISH but surely enever to be posted unless I did something drastic like cut and paste from my email and hit a button:

this link might be helpful - complete quest list... supposedly.

things to note:

Cryptic quest 1 (level 10)
Answers to the Physician's questions go 3,2,1
Puzzle of Wisdom : There are Four Statues in the West of VS. Dragon, Ghost, Antidote and Apricot. Go to one and insert a book into it. If no sound is made when this happens then retrieve and go to the next until one does make a sound. Repeat this process till all statues have dinged. Then visit the Tombstone
After you complete, you should now have 3 twines and a Millennium scroll that you can take to a Blacksmith to compose into a Box of Love.

Cryptic quest 2 (level 26)
Puzzle of Sky: same principle as the Wisdom one, but instead of Statues its Trees - The named ones in Highlands that are not Devine

Cryptic quest 3
This no longer exists apparantly

Legend quest
The Meeting with General Yong can be taken once you get to level 43

Thus concludes the lesson for today children. Tomorrow we shall tackle the Blacksmith.... the swine.... no Cookies for Jinsu!!!!

January 3rd, 2007


So you're a big, bad level fifty and you've got your mining skillz....now what? Well, my friend, the world is your playground. You have to be lvl 50 before you start crafting rares which is a good thing because the money involved and the items you seek are alot more readily available to you now! So without further ado, my friends....the recipes to start your revolution!!!


3 softening oils
1 natural gem
1 beast plant (these are bitter and stick to the roof of your mouth)

3 softening oils
1 natural gem
1 decayed fruit (not recommended for actual consumption)

3 softening oils
1 natural gem
1 mushroom (these taste great in a soup eaten while sipping a nice red wine)

******BOOK ITEMS******

The book items are those that require you to purchase books and/or pick up books from drops mainly from the venom clan valkries (or from the dreaded bamboo mountain if you should be so brave) I've noticed the higher your kill count goes the better. The valkries generally drop things such as book of rock shattering, softening oils...that type thing...occasionally a mushroom or decayed fruit. So when in doubt whether to spend a small fortune on a book, I'd say let's wait around and see how good the drops are from the higher level creatures. I, for one, am not down with spending buttloads of money on something that I'll be picking up on my own soon enough. Anyway, when you get the books just take them to your local blacksmith (as long as it isnt the guy in southern plains....curse you and your roaming hands!!! just kidding pick any one you like), hit the button for composition and he should tell you what all you need to make said item. I'll list some common ones here, there are plenty more and the recipes go on for days!!

Book of chromatic gem
2 natural gems
1 stone

Book of five dragon thread
4 silk

Book of Iron Thread
5 iron ore
2 black coal (make sure that this is black coal not to be confused with the amazing technicolour coal which ive never seen but is rumoured to have a wonderful singing voice)

Book of rock shattering
60 plain rock
softening oil

2 softening oils
1 black coal


These items are going to take some time, patience, a large chunk of cheese and some really good luck but I know you have it in you! Or if you're rich just buy one! The crafted violet blades go for 80m perfectly clean from what I hear so I'm assuming this is going to be no small feat! The items to make them alot of the time have to be crafted themselves so you see where this is going. Good luck and God speed!! (may the force be with you!) For information on what you need or the stats and levels on ALL THE RARES go to this link -------> http://hero.netgame.com/guide/makeitem_01.php

It even shows you nifty pics of them, which personally got my blood boiling because i know it will be next year before I'll even get close to making any of them!! Just click on your weapon class up top and enjoy!

******GEM POWDER******

This is used to make the black dragon thingamabobs....its expensive to get your hands on and only hunters can make it. If you're nice to me and have all the ingredients I'll make it for you....unless you're 0mally, he'll have to pay for his...lol j/k. Ok so here's the recipe. Not sure if there are other hunter profession specific recipes but you can bet your bum if I find out I'll post it here!!

Book of Gem Powder
1 gold ore
2 silver ores

If I have forgotten anything or anything I have said is incorrect (God knows I try) please contact our webmeister PSYCHOPATHIC in game or through his email addy which is Abomino50187@yahoo.com or contact yours truly in game as MYSTERYCADENCE and give me a real reaming or email me at emysterynmayhem@gmail.com.

Thank You,
The Management
Mystery here! Hoping that this will be a sucessful community where we can share our ideas and knowledge with our guildies in a nice tight little package! Fell free once youve joined to post whatever (within reason psycho) you would like. Drop in to say hello or to tell someone about that latest level you got...or just anything. Im tired right now so this is kind of garbled. I hope this community serves you well!

more later ~me~
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