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my triumphant return...hopefully

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Angry Muppet Hero

my triumphant return...hopefully

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kill joo

omg so yeah ive been gone forever! not by choice. it happened to be the choice of my idioitic phone company. i dont even know if being online right now is a fluke. they decided in all their wisdom one day that our server number was "long distance". this is after using it as a local number for some months. go figure. anyway, i hope everyone is well. i have had a tooth pulled, nathan is doing well, chris is still working. he's also still the man of my dreams *drool* let's see...right now im currently trying to figure out how to dl the last four patches for hero online before i run into another one next thursday. mmm, thats about it. everything else is pretty much ssdd. i miss all my friends and im trying desperately to get back in contact with them all! if ive missed you so far, "hello there! i love and miss you!!!!" if you dont read my journal then i guess youre just going to have to wait! lol! anyway hope to be back tomorrow with a longer and more illuminating post. right now its off to try and figure out why this farking game client is disconnecting on me constantly and the manual patches appear to take 2 hours a piece to dl and i have no idea where to put them!!!wish me luck when chris gets home i may never be able to get back online again. he's having withdrawals! more later ~me~
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