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state of the muppet post

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Angry Muppet Hero

state of the muppet post

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kill joo
well guys i havent posted in quite a while. let me start off by welcoming all our new guild members! the muppets have grown alot in the past couple of weeks and i hope everyone is enjoying their stay!

special thoughts go out to stir's sister and psycho's grandma. please send them good karma, prayers or whatever it is you people do. (lol) im not the best at being pc, would like to say just pray for their good health but then the pigmy's down in new dehli will be on my butt for not iuncluding their religion...so yeah. we are hoping they both feel 100% soon.

any comments or complaints about anything/anyone...the way things are going..the colour of my plaid pants please direct to Rootish, Shimma, or Mystery in game.

and lastly, please do not feed rootish.

that is all!

emily out
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