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Something within reason...

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Angry Muppet Hero

Something within reason...

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... im not normal. I'm not average. I am a purple and pink polka dotteed girafee with green stripes who loves x-mas trees.. oh the tress smoke so well.. onto bigger and better things.. as my dear sainted mum used to say "get them young enough and the possiblilites are endless." I turned a ordinry kitten into a puppy just by telling it everyday that it was a cute little puppy. Now it thinks its a puppy. Get them young enough... lol

Within more reason.. i am Psychopathic in the game. I am stronger then you think and i can do things that will make your mother cry. I know where you live, I seen where you sleep and iswear your mothers will committe suicide when they see what I have done to you! Don't mess with the mighty Oscar1

yes, I am the angry muppet Oscar1 I am scar, I claimed oscar before I was angry muppet and even now i claim oscar.

Whats better then burnt toast??

SOGGY burnt toast!!
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