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January 6th, 2011

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March 15th, 2007

omg so yeah ive been gone forever! not by choice. it happened to be the choice of my idioitic phone company. i dont even know if being online right now is a fluke. they decided in all their wisdom one day that our server number was "long distance". this is after using it as a local number for some months. go figure. anyway, i hope everyone is well. i have had a tooth pulled, nathan is doing well, chris is still working. he's also still the man of my dreams *drool* let's see...right now im currently trying to figure out how to dl the last four patches for hero online before i run into another one next thursday. mmm, thats about it. everything else is pretty much ssdd. i miss all my friends and im trying desperately to get back in contact with them all! if ive missed you so far, "hello there! i love and miss you!!!!" if you dont read my journal then i guess youre just going to have to wait! lol! anyway hope to be back tomorrow with a longer and more illuminating post. right now its off to try and figure out why this farking game client is disconnecting on me constantly and the manual patches appear to take 2 hours a piece to dl and i have no idea where to put them!!!wish me luck when chris gets home i may never be able to get back online again. he's having withdrawals! more later ~me~

January 18th, 2007

(no subject)

animal crackers snagged from mslesa

When you eat scrambled eggs you...

eat them alone
have to eat them on top of toast
eat them with sausage and or bacon and toast on the side
eat them while standing around in your underwear in front of the tube
scrambled eggs? ewwwww theyre nasty
well guys i havent posted in quite a while. let me start off by welcoming all our new guild members! the muppets have grown alot in the past couple of weeks and i hope everyone is enjoying their stay!

special thoughts go out to stir's sister and psycho's grandma. please send them good karma, prayers or whatever it is you people do. (lol) im not the best at being pc, would like to say just pray for their good health but then the pigmy's down in new dehli will be on my butt for not iuncluding their religion...so yeah. we are hoping they both feel 100% soon.

any comments or complaints about anything/anyone...the way things are going..the colour of my plaid pants please direct to Rootish, Shimma, or Mystery in game.

and lastly, please do not feed rootish.

that is all!

emily out

January 5th, 2007

Hacking on Hero Online has been a serious issue since I have started playing.Probably was before then and probably will be when mysterycadence is nothing but a distant memory in the minds of those who knew her. I know I know...people are crappy and thats exactly why you HAVE to look out for yourself! I'm going to list a few ways you might prevent this and give out some helpful links on how to make sure this doesn't happen(or at least if it does you can say you tried). Sometimes things just happen but these are a few ways that maybe you can do to lessen the odds.

First off NEVER give your account info to ANYONE!!!
I dont care if its your best friend from grade school, your ex lover whom you've been close with since the break up and would never suspect , or your third cousin twice removed youve known your whole life. Remember when I said people are crappy? Well, this sometimes applies to people you know personally....its unfortunate but its the truth. If someone has access to your account info and you report a theft to the GM's and they find this out...basically they wont give a rat's....proof here yo ----> http://hero.netgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49291&sid=6e038546935bd7eece669b56ceb000ef

They will automatically assume that the person with whom you were sharing your account stole your items and will take no responsibilty and/or waste their time trying to get your stuff back.I'm not saying it's right that the a holes stole your things, I'm just saying they won't care.I'm assuming theyre going to check the IP's right off.

Another major issue is having your forum posting name the same as your account log in. I know it doesnt sound like that might matter, but these dirtballs are pulling your log in information from somewhere and my guess would be from the only place that has all your info together in one nice little package....that's right the forums! You can change your posting name to be different from that of your log in here, you can also edit your email availability so they cant send fishing sites to your inbox---> http://legendofares.netgame.com/forum/login.php?redirect=profile.php&mode=editprofile

Which brings me to my next point NEVER VISIT UNAPPROVED THIRD PARTY SITES!!!! They promise pleveling, they promise gold, items, etc in exchange for real money.....but I can promise they're probably just a bunch of a hole keyloggers with a penchant for gaining access to people's hard drives for shits and giggles. Pay attention to where you're going on the web and KNOW what you're getting yourself into.

this is a comprehensive guide on the forums for keeping yourself safe---->http://hero.netgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49925

Sometimes you'll get hacked through no fault of your own and I'm certainly not making light of the fact that this does happen! Just trying to get some info out there that may save a few people's lives in the future!

If you have been hacked my only advice to you would be 1:1 the crap out of the GM's, send pigeons to any GM's you think might actually respond (i do know geno and zero are pretty nice fellows)....and pray. I do hope that Purple and Psychotic recieve their items back because thats justa bunch of bollocks! I pity the fool that did it to them and I hope they get caught and sent to a life term in SingSing and that their cellmate is named Bubba and likes the looks of them.

That is all.

More later ~me~
If you get a special track.. then I get a special track... Look!! I'll post something super fucking fresh, super fucking fly!! Ready?! (NEW SHIT YA'LL) Here it is...

level 1-3 East side of DC - Wolf pup (levels 1-3)
level 4-7 Little bit farther east of DC - Wild Boar (Level 3-5) Thieves (level 6-7) Black Wolves (level 8-10)
level 7-11 Highlands - Wild Apes (level 8-9), Great Apes (level 11)
Level 11-15 Highlands - Grey bear (level 13-15)
Level 15-17 Highlands - Assassins, Rogues and those white haired things Levels 13-16)
level 17-30 Venom Swamp - Spearmen/Archers (level 21-23), Poison Toads (level 23) Green Viper (level 24-25) Poisonous Spiders (level 25-27)
Level 30-35 Spirit Spire - Black Leopards/Red Illusion Rogues/Ancient Slayer (levels 32-35)
Level 35-40 Spirit Spire Moutain - Scorpians/Green Goblin/Hell Knight/Corrupt Monk (32-34)
Level 40-48 Southern Plains - leopards/CruelSwordsman/Blackninja/BlindSwordmen (levels 43-49)
Level 48-52 Southern Plains - Young Blood Tigers/Valykries/Bell chicks (level 50-54)
Level 52-60 Bamboo Mountain - Fierce Chain weilding guys (level 54-57)
Level 60-70 Silent Valley - Bug monsters ranging from level 60 i guess...
Level 70+ Get your rear to Crystal Summit and start beating up those level 80+ mobs..

1)Think honestly within yourself in your dealings with all men.
2)Constant training is the only Way to learn strategy.
3)Become familiar with every art you come across.
4)Understand the Way of other disciplines.
5)Know the difference between right and wrong in the matters of men.
6)Strive for inner judgement and understanding of everything.
7)See that which cannot be seen.
8)Overlook nothing, regardless of its insignificance.
9)Do not waste time idling or thinking after you have set your goal.

~Miyamoto Musashi~

note: this excert was taken from the end notes of the book of earth contained in a direct translation of Master Miyamoto Musashi's BOOK OF FIVE RINGS. It's actually a martial artists training guide, but figured it may apply to hero as well...im a dork. Number 7 would only apply to sin's i would assume (he he).

Psychopathic has been working really hard on a new website that is basically going to be the best hero online guide known to man on the web! (and im not just saying that because he's letting me and rootish help...although that definately assisted in my assumption...lol) go ahead and give it a look! he hasnt finished it yet completely but i definately see some serious potential here! any of you starting any new chars? he already has a great reference there to kind of help you decide which way to go! the url is:

make sure to tell him to keep up the good work!

muppets rule! zhuang drool!!
For the uninitiated, I am Rootish - your master. Bow down before I smite thee!!!! Just to shut Emily up, I've decided to post this all by my ownsome... And to follow on from Psycho's rather disturbing entry - I claim Fozzie the Bear. I only wish I had his humour...

Here is a list which I've TOTALLY copied from a post put on the Forum, so if you aren't successful, blame the forum, blame Canada, hell, blame anyone you want, but not me... use it as a guide to how many gems / crystals to use and your success rate.
Personally, I think Jinsu is a little thieving rubbernecked git. The rumours however are that DC is best to go to for +1 to +3, and SP is best for higher levels.
All that remains for me, before I hand over to the shamelessly plagiarised text, is to say good luck.... STOP. Hammer time!

The % below is for CLEAN items and a PURE upgrade
Making a level 1 sword from +0 to +7
+0 - +1 One Gem 95%
+1 - +2 Two Gems 80%
+2 - +3 Three Gems 76%
+3 - +4 Three Gems 54%
+4 - +5 Three Gems 33%
+5 - +6 Three Gems 24%
+6 - +7 Three Gems 15%

Now if you were to use CRYSTALS
+0 - +1 One Crystal 75%
+1 - +2 One Crystal 75%
+2 - +3 One Crystal 75%
+3 - +4 One Crystal 66%
+4 - +5 Two Crystal 54%
+5 - +6 Three Crystal 42%
+6 - +7 Three Crystal 35%

Now if you were to use a Crystal Ball
+7-+8 One Crystal Ball 25%
+7-+8 Two Crystal Balls 30%
+7-+8 Three Crystal Balls 45%

Keep in mind this is with PURE upgrading and CLEAN weapon
- 20% for Dirty Weapons
- 5% for every non-pure upgrade the weapon has on it
- 0% for every non-pure % added to it.



+0 - +1 One Crystal 80%
+1 - +2 One Crystal 70%
+2 - +3 One Crystal 60%
+3 - +4 One Crystal 40%
+4 - +5 Two Crystal 30%
+5 - +6 Three Crystal 20%
+6 - +7 Three Crystal 10%

Armour -- Clean Armour

(rounded estimates based on reports)

+0 - +1 One Gem 70%
+1 - +2 Two Gems 60%
+2 - +3 Three Gems 50%
+3 - +4 Three Gems 40%
+4 - +5 Three Gems 30%
+5 - +6 Three Gems 20%
+6 - +7 Three Gems 10%

If you try making it a pure upgrade it becomes very tricky with armour its actually better to use diamonds and citrines to avoid loss of the item through my trials and some reports I have gotten. I am working hard to provide more information as soon as it becomes available. Thanks.

Luck Scroll doubles your chances of upgrading.

January 4th, 2007

... im not normal. I'm not average. I am a purple and pink polka dotteed girafee with green stripes who loves x-mas trees.. oh the tress smoke so well.. onto bigger and better things.. as my dear sainted mum used to say "get them young enough and the possiblilites are endless." I turned a ordinry kitten into a puppy just by telling it everyday that it was a cute little puppy. Now it thinks its a puppy. Get them young enough... lol

Within more reason.. i am Psychopathic in the game. I am stronger then you think and i can do things that will make your mother cry. I know where you live, I seen where you sleep and iswear your mothers will committe suicide when they see what I have done to you! Don't mess with the mighty Oscar1

yes, I am the angry muppet Oscar1 I am scar, I claimed oscar before I was angry muppet and even now i claim oscar.

Whats better then burnt toast??

SOGGY burnt toast!!
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